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Social media and wine can be powerful partners in the modern wine market. Thanks to social media like Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and YouTube, wine producers are able to truly connect with all their customers. From millennials to oldies, you can communicate with your audience and actively involve them in the life of your winery thanks to a good strategy.   Social Media and wine: the present state. Many wineries have not yet understood the power of social media and wine, or are not using it to its full potential. I’m not just talking about small wine producers. Large wineries, too, do not have a well-defined strategy for social media and wine. I often see social media profiles of wineries with “dead” pages. The last post dates back to months, sometimes even years before. Further, the quality of the post itself often leaves much to

Selling wine online might seem very scary. Thanks to the massive spread of the internet, online wine sales have increased in recent years. As a passionate consumer of wine, I have always found buying wine online not only very useful but also very interesting. Producers that were selling wine online has allowed me to buy my wine quickly and easily from many different wineries in many different places. Until only a few years ago, if I wanted to buy a particular bottle of wine from a specific producer, I had only 2 options: be lucky enough to find the bottle in my trusted wine shop go directly to the wineries As I’m sure you understand, I didn’t always have enough time or luck to be able to find the wine I wanted or to travel to that particular cellar.   Online wine sales trend Some data

Over the past 10 years, wine tourism has become a much bigger part of the revenue of wineries. Over the last decade, I’ve seen a massive increase in wine tourism in every wine region in the world. Wineries that include wine tourism in their offer find that it amounts to 15-20% of their turnover. If you want a piece of this market, you need to make sure that you are prepared and organized with an appropriate strategy and a long-term plan.   Two examples of global wine regions that have understood the importance of wine tourism. Before any other wine region in the world, Tuscany understood the importance of wine tourism. Tuscan wine producers managed to direct the tourism already present in their region into their wine cellars. Another example is California’s Napa Valley and Sonoma County. Here too, wine producers have succeeded in attracting enormous

Wine Marketing is becoming much more important in the modern wine industry. In the recent past, I have seen many wine producers fail to fulfill their potential because they didn’t know what wine marketing was. Several times I've seen wineries lose out on great opportunities for their value, growth, and development. The main problem is that many winemakers talk to people in a professional, specialized language that doesn't emotionally engage their audience. Many people don't care about yeast, fermentation or other details of the winemaking process. Some of them might be interested, but they would like to know in a way that is easy to understand. They are more interested in getting to know the story behind the wine and then enjoy a good bottle of it. Wine marketing strategies help wineries truly connect with people by communicating their values, story, ideas, opinions, and