The Brand is what people think of you and how they see your business. We work by your side in deciding the most suitable marketing strategies to develop it and make it better. The Brand represents the experience and the perception that your customers have of your company and your products.


Brand identity: We develop your identity in order to make it solid and clear so that your target audience can distinguish you from your competitors with simplicity.

Packaging & Logo: Becoming recognizable today is essential to be different. An appropriate choice of the image of your products and of the logo allows the audience to identify you immediately.


Storytelling: The traditional advertising messages are now outdated, turning them into a story arouses emotions and stimulates the imagination. Even the companies have a story to tell where people can identify themselves.

Wine-Tourism: We organize winery events with you and a communication strategy that encourages wine-tourism in your area.

Communicating the wine in an authentic and effective way is the key to everything. Interacting with your audience allows you to grow and connect with new customers letting them discover everything behind the wine bottle: values, emotions, people, and territory.

Thanks to the Direct Marketing you are able to carry out specific and targeted advertising actions. It means high efficiency and little expense compared to traditional advertising. Marketing is about starting conversations by spreading creative ideas and making people known.

We live in an era where a business website is essential, not just to show up our existence but also to get in direct contact with our and new audience. Here at the Wine & More, we develop and design websites specifically designed for the wine cellars in a modern and original key.

To interact with people it is necessary to keep up to date with the period. The Social Networks are increasing their importance in the communication process and allow you to involve all age groups and talk with different audiences generating an authentic interaction.