About Us

The project Wine & More was born in 2013 when fellow wine-lovers and long-time friends Michele and Matteo were sharing another fantastic bottle of wine from a very small winery somewhere around the world.

This was a tradition with them, as at least once a week, they would expand their palettes and buy wines from wineries that they had never heard of before.

More and more, they discovered that some of the best wines they tasted came from wineries that they had never heard of, and that they couldn’t even find if they searched on the internet. Not only could they not find more information about the wine, but they weren’t able to recommend the wine to other friends, because they couldn’t tell them where to find out more information.

This was a wake-up call to the two friends. Swirling the ruby liquid in their glasses, they realised they shared a vision:

“We want to share the joy that we feel whenever we drink a glass of wine. We want to share it with the greatest number of people”.

Okay, nice, but how? Slowly, like a maturing wine, the ideas and vision developed and grew. In 2018 Wine & More was created. It’s now a small wine marketing agency with locations in both London and in Italy. It has the clear objective of co-creating a unique identity for your winery’s specific wine and territory.

We now help you, the wine producer, to develop and grow your brand through effective web marketing strategies. We will partner you in contacting and engaging with a bigger, global audience.

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I’m a passionate person. I’m especially passionate about wine and marketing.
I’m so happy to have managed to combine my two passions and put them both into practice.
I’m a Sommelier and have also always worked in the world of sales and marketing.
I do have some favourites in these fields.
If we talk about wine, it’s Sangiovese, and Gewurztraminer.
If we talk about marketing, it’s Content Marketing, and Brand Identity.

Michele Orbolato


Core Values

For us, values are not words to the wind, but they are the basis of every daily action and we try to transmit them in everything we do and to every customer we meet.


We look to the future and to the prosperity working honestly with transparency and the right dose of humility.


We create our projects around your needs. The client’s trust in us is the best possible form of promotional activity.

Invest in ourselves

The passion and the enthusiasm for our work always keep us curious and encourage us to stay constantly updated.


If a company gets good results, it’s thanks above all due to the commitment and the energies of its staff.


Why the Wine & More?

At the Wine & More, the customer will find qualified staff available to escort them step by step in the realization of a strategic plan that allows the brand’s growth at national and international level. Marketing is not the same for every company: each brand has to operate in an appropriate way to its sector and its market. Therefore, Wine Companies need a specific and personalized communication that only a wine marketing agency like ours can offer.