Effective wine communication: some basic principles of wine marketing in a crowded market

Communicate wine effectively: some basic principles of wine marketing

In an increasingly competitive market, it’s important to communicate about your wine as powerfully as possible. You will then be able to affect your customers’ emotions as well as convincing them rationally.


Wine communication in a changing context

Today’s consumers are very different from before. Your customer now wants to know the story behind every single bottle of wine, and they will interact with you much more using digital technology.

As before, people are attracted mostly by the quality of your wine. However, now your customer is also interested in finding out about the individual particularities of your wine and brand.

How can you communicate with your customer, especially a first-time buyer, about your wine in a simple, easily understandable way that makes you stand out in today’s crowded market?


Narrating your identity through storytelling

Storytelling has become essential in contemporary marketing. Storytelling means:

Talking about a certain topic or subject through a story’

People identify themselves with your product by knowing the story behind your product or company. Communicating your story in an effective, original, and entertaining way arouses your customer’s emotions, and an excited consumer is more likely to buy your product. This is especially important with a first-time buyer.

Through this engaging story of your wine, you can bring attention to the quality of your wine and persuade your first-time customer to try it out. However, emotional commitment also leads to brand loyalty. So an emotionally engaging story will lead to returning customers making your wine part of their lives.

Effective storytelling is what makes the difference today in the communication of wine.

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Your brand must be synonymous with quality

As a wine-maker passionate about wine, it is your aim to create the best quality wine you can, with its own unique characteristics and personality. The question then becomes: how can you communicate this uniqueness in today’s crowded market?

In Europe alone, there are currently thousands and thousands of wine producers. Communicating the uniqueness of your own type of wine is what guarantees success. However, many producers do not have a well-defined marketing strategy.

The average production quality of wine has improved considerably compared to a few decades ago. Remember that, while it may be difficult to create and enact, having no marketing strategy at all leads to lower sales, and results in unsold wine and continuous frustration

It is here where many wineries find the greatest difficulties in dealing with the modern wine market. While it may be difficult to create and enact, having no marketing strategy at all leads to lower sales, and results in unsold wine and continuous frustration.

Instead, having a clear strategy on how to communicate about your wine avoids these problems and generates well-being for your whole company.



Excite the customer

As I said earlier, for your wine communication to be effective, your story must arouse the customer’s emotions to guide them in their choice.

The problem is: if most wines are now similar and of similarly good quality, how can the average person decide which wine they want to try?

Maybe it is the case that your wine is genuinely different and is of higher quality than the others in your category. Yet, if you don’t know how to communicate effectively your wine will blur into the crowd of your competitors.

What makes you stand out from the crowd is your communication strategy.

If you haven’t adopted a clear communication strategy, you will fall back into the crowded mass. Do you feel that you are almost invisible to your customer and indistinguishable from your competition? Then it’s time to work with specialists in wine marketing.

Nowadays, since almost all wine producers make quality wines, the biggest factor in motivating the customer to choose your wine instead of another is the marketing work behind it. Even if your wine is truly unique and superior, you must be able to successfully communicate its uniqueness and superiority to the customer before they will even consider trying it.

Marketing through storytelling is now essential, and focusing only on the product is no longer enough.


Final considerations about the wine communication

To succeed in the modern wine market, you have to become the leader of your own niche market. You must become the reference point for organic wines, or the best wine in your area, and so on.

To do this, you must increase the credibility of your brand through effective wine communication and marketing.

Potential customers must see your company as the go-to brand for that particular category.

You can make your wine company stand out from the crowd by telling a meaningful, passionate story that fits perfectly into your customer’s values and lifestyle. Effective communication will make your wine an essential part of your customer’s life, now and in the future.


Here at Wine & More, we specialise in the wine communication. We are constantly helping wineries produce content for their wine-loving audience. If you also think it’s time to build your audience using social media, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will together create the most effective communication strategy for your company.


Here at Wine & More, our mission is:

To enhance the individual uniqueness of wines and territories by partnering with producers to define, grow, and develop your story, your land, and your passion. We will clarify what distinguishes you from others by growing your brand through effective wine marketing strategies and putting you in authentic contact with a wider audience.

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