Websites for wineries: the features you absolutely don’t have to miss out

Having a website for your winery is essential.

In today’s globalized market, it is essential to have a great website for your winery so that you can present the best digital shopfront for your customer. Yet how do you know which features websites for wineries should have to be successful?

In this article, you will find many useful suggestions to change or improve your own winery website.

Before listing all the necessary features, I want to first take a look at the current state of winery websites within the industry.

There are so many positive examples of great winery websites, and I will provide links to a few of these below. Unfortunately, there are also many negative examples. These will actually chase your customers away.

I still find many winemakers who have very old style websites which are not even mobile friendly. Even worse, there are wine companies which don’t even have a website at all!

Why have a website for your winery?

It’s important to realise that your website is the heart of your company’s business and marketing activities. Thanks to your website, your winery is able to present itself to the global market, inform users about your products, tell your story, show what makes you different from your competitors, and what makes you unique.

In today’s hyper-connected digital world, all the traffic of your private customers, business clients, trade, and wine lovers passes through your website. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to have a great website in today’s digitally competitive world.


Essential features for good websites for wineries.

Below you will find some key points, with all the necessary features, to create great websites for wineries.

1. Smartphone optimization: your website must be optimized for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Today, mobile traffic represents almost 60% of the total. (Font: Wine-Searcher)

2. Simple: a simple and easy-to-use website helps the user find all the information they need. They are able to search quickly without getting lost.

3. Fast: a fluid and flowing website is essential to make the experience of browsing on your website a total pleasure. Anything else will risk losing the user.

4. Use of appropriate platforms: the most famous and responsive platform for websites is WordPress, but there are also many other good ones. These website platforms are made to be easy to understand and operate, effective on all devices and make your website fast, smooth, and simple for the end-user.

5. Rich in content: having a website full of content such as text, stories, images and videos of professional quality, and technical data sheets greatly enriches the quality of the website. See here for more about Content Marketing.

6. Blog: through your blog you can express your ideas, give useful advice, tell stories, and write what you know your customers want.

7. S.E.O.: the term SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Having a website optimized for search engines with effective keywords will hugely increase the traffic and business opportunities for your cellar. Click here to better understand what is SEO.

8. E-commerce: having an online store helps to increase sales. Giving your customers the opportunity to buy and receive your wines through online purchasing makes a massive difference to your sales. See here for an article about online stores.

9. Languages: having your website and blog translated into one or more foreign languages is a must. Having your website in English is essential, but translating into more foreign languages allows you to reach international audiences, and thereby grow internationally. Imagine the case of a Chinese importer who is interested in your wines. How can he understand or browse your website if it isn’t even in English? Therefore, it is absolutely essential to have your website translated into English and other foreign languages.

10. Design: you can design your website in many different styles. Everyone has their own favourite style. However, a website for wine cellars should be simple and easy to understand by the users.

11. Continuous updating: your website must always be edited and updated with the latest events and news showing the company’s professionalism. On some websites, you can find promotions or Christmas events when, in reality, it is the middle of the summer! Don’t let this happen to you.



There is a substantial amount of work that is needed to create and maintain successful websites for wineries. There are many factors you need to consider and evaluate.

I invite you to click here to see examples of good websites for wineries.

The cost of having an effective website is not completely prohibitive, especially when compared with other production processes. In fact, this aspect of your marketing is very cost-effective and will result in a high return on investment with only a relatively small capital outlay.

In doing this, it is important to consult with experts in the field so that you can have a website that embodies the characteristics mentioned above.

What do you think? What features does a website have to be a good website? Leave your comments at the bottom of the page.

Having a wine marketing agency by your side is essential, and it can really help you achieve the best for your company, your people, your land, and your territory.

Here at Wine & More, our mission is:

“to enhance the individual uniqueness of wines and territories by partnering with producers to define, grow, and develop your story, your land, and your passion. We will clarify what distinguishes you from others by growing your brand through effective wine marketing strategies and putting you in authentic contact with a wider audience.”

If you are interested in developing or improving your website and reaching new markets and audiences, contact us.

Author Michele Orbolato.

I’m a passionate person. I’m especially passionate about wine and marketing. I’m so happy to have managed to combine my two passions and put them both into practice. I’m a Sommelier and have also always worked in the world of sales and marketing. I do have some favorites in these fields. If we talk about wine, it’s Sangiovese and Gewurztraminer. If we talk about marketing, it’s Content Marketing and Brand Identity.

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