July 2018

The design of a bottle of wine in the purchasing process. It is now known that the design of a bottle of wine is increasingly decisive in wine marketing. The packaging or design of wine is now recognized as an essential element in influencing which winery wine-lovers decide to buy from. The design of a wine bottle in the modern wine market There are so many wine producers in the world that it’s essential to be able to differentiate yourself from your competition and have your unique brand identity clearly communicated in the design of your bottle. To start, try to visualize a single shelf in a physical wine shop displaying lots of bottles of wine from many different wineries. Which bottle of wine first grabs your attention? Which bottle will you reach toward to pull out from the shelf to read the label to

Selling wine online might seem very scary. Thanks to the massive spread of the internet, online wine sales have increased in recent years. As a passionate consumer of wine, I have always found buying wine online not only very useful but also very interesting. Producers that were selling wine online has allowed me to buy my wine quickly and easily from many different wineries in many different places. Until only a few years ago, if I wanted to buy a particular bottle of wine from a specific producer, I had only 2 options: be lucky enough to find the bottle in my trusted wine shop go directly to the wineries As I’m sure you understand, I didn’t always have enough time or luck to be able to find the wine I wanted or to travel to that particular cellar.   Online wine sales trend Some data