What is the wine marketing and how can it help a winery grow?

Wine Marketing is becoming much more important in the modern wine industry.

In the recent past, I have seen many wine producers fail to fulfill their potential because they didn’t know what wine marketing was.

Several times I’ve seen wineries lose out on great opportunities for their value, growth, and development.

The main problem is that many winemakers talk to people in a professional, specialized language that doesn’t emotionally engage their audience.

Many people don’t care about yeast, fermentation or other details of the winemaking process. Some of them might be interested, but they would like to know in a way that is easy to understand. They are more interested in getting to know the story behind the wine and then enjoy a good bottle of it.

Wine marketing strategies help wineries truly connect with people by communicating their values, story, ideas, opinions, and emotions. Any winery, big or small, will be able to see its audience and market grow and achieve goals they’ve only dreamed about.  

If you have the right wine marketing strategy, it can make all the difference in the years ahead. You will be able to reach both trade audiences and retail audiences too.


What are the tools which make wine marketing work?

  • Content Marketing: Communicating the wine in an authentic and effective way is the key to everything. Interacting with your audience allows you to grow and connect with new customers. This allows them to discover the story behind the wine: values, emotions, people, and territory. Content Marketing is the essence of wine marketing because authentic and engaging content allows people to really understand your company. Having the right content on your website, social media channels, and in your direct marketing is the key to your success.


  • Branding: The Brand is what people think of you and how they see your business. The Brand represents the experience and perception that your customers have of your company and your products. By using a good wine marketing strategy you can transmit the essence of your brand. The audience will be able to recognize your products, wine, logo, and people immediately.


  • Social media: To interact actively with people it is necessary to keep up to date with modern communications. Social Networks are increasing their importance in this communication process. They allow you to involve all age groups and talk with different audiences, generating authentic interactions. Having a presence on social media channels allow you to talk to all the different generations, thereby developing new markets as well. Social media represent a new way to talk and interact with your market niche.


  • Direct marketing: Thanks to Direct Marketing, you are able to carry out highly specific and targeted advertising actions. This means high efficiency and low expense compared to traditional advertising. Wine Marketing is about starting conversations with your market by spreading creative ideas and making your brand known. You can tell your audience directly about events, wine fairs you will attend, products, and offers. This will help to keep your audience informed about your brand and engaged with it. Direct Marketing is not expensive and it works well in combination with the other tools.


  • Web Design: We live in an era where a business website is essential, not only to prove your existence but also to get in direct contact with your present customers and connect with a new audience. Here at Wine & More, we develop websites specifically designed for wine cellars, in a modern and original key at the same time. Having a nice, simple website is important for both current customers and potential customers because it provides the first and most important contact with your brand. Giving customers the right information in the right place at the right time and in a simple way helps your business considerably.


What are the benefits for wine producers?

  1. You can really connect with your audience, engaging and energizing them.


  1. You can reach potential new customers that you didn’t even consider before.


  1. You can show people what makes you unique. You can distinguish yourself from others


  1. You will be able to increase the selling price per bottle, generating a higher revenue


  1. You can optimize your budget and resources, saving time and money


  1. You will be able to re-invest more profit into your business, creating a better environment, buying new modern machines, and countless other things


  1. You will better express your values and story, and show people your products and territory


  1. You will be able to increase wine tourism to your territory and your cellar


  1. You can grow foreign markets


  1. You can inform people about your unique native grapes


  1. You can develop new b2b partnerships in new and current markets


What are the benefits for your customers and potential customers?

People can easily find you and get to know about you. All generations will be able to find what they’re looking for:


  1. useful information, the story behind your wine, the quality of your products, and plan a visit to your cellar


  1. easily stay genuinely connected with you


  1. exchange opinions, ask questions, join your events


  1.  better appreciate the particular experience your wine creates


  1. the great emotions your wine stimulates


  1. develop a warm personal relationship with your brand


Making your brand friendly doesn’t mean distorting its image: it means clarifying and developing it.


How long does it take before seeing positive results?

As you can imagine there isn’t a definite rule about that. Generally, it takes a bit of time. Here at Wine & More, we work closely with the wine producer for at least a year. A good wine marketing strategy is designed year by year.

What is 1 or 2 years for a winemaker? It’s nothing. Like a vintage, you know that seeing great results takes time.

A good example of a country that has long understood this concept is France. As you probably know, they are still at the top of the world in terms of value and appreciation. They invest a lot of money per year in marketing campaigns and they always find a creative way to communicate with people.

A good example is Veuve Clicquot. Click here to see.

It’s true, they started long before you, but it’s also true that you now have all the resources to reduce this gap. Thus: no excuses! There is a lot of work to do!


I hope I have been able to explain to you what wine marketing is. Having a wine marketing agency can really help you accomplish the highest good for your cellar, people, land, and tradition.


Here at Wine & More, our mission is:

” To enhance the individual uniqueness of wines and territories by partnering with producers to define, grow, and develop your story, your land, and your passion. We will clarify what distinguishes you from others by growing your brand through effective wine marketing strategies and putting you in authentic contact with a wider audience.”

If you are interested in developing a wine marketing strategy and reaching new markets and audiences, contact us.

Author: Michele Orbolato

I’m a passionate person. I’m especially passionate about wine and marketing. I’m so happy to have managed to combine my two passions and put them both into practice. I’m a Sommelier and have also always worked in the world of sales and marketing. I do have some favorites in these fields. If we talk about wine, it’s Sangiovese and Gewurztraminer. If we talk about marketing, it’s Content Marketing and Brand Identity.

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